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The maturity of an investment is a primary consideration for investors since it has to match their investment horizon. An investment horizon can potentially range from as short as a few days to decades, depending on how long the investor intends to hold the investment in order to achieve their objectives. Nonpayment of a bond at maturity could result in the issuer defaulting on the obligation, which would then negatively impact the issuer’s credit rating and ability to raise funds through future bond offerings. A couple of years ago, when my daughter was maybe 5, she called out to me from her bedroom about 15 minutes after I’d put her down.


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It’s never a bad idea to have a good relationship with your parents, especially if they always support you. But if you’re dependent on them financially or emotionally when it comes to making decisions in your life, then that might not be a mature situation. Adulthood, the period in the human lifespan in which full physical and intellectual maturity have been attained.

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I started to think about other attributes that make a mature person. Unfortunately, these definitions don’t really help when it comes to using the word “mature” in the workplace because maturity isn’t really a static end-point. Most dictionaries define “maturity” in terms of a complete end-point, physical or structural.


When referring to financial instruments, a maturity date is the date on which payment becomes due for a promissory note, bond, or other debt instrument. Furthermore, when someone is mature, they have the ability to make good decisions on their own, without being guided to them by a parent or another adult. For another broad example, a toddler might decide that it’s a good idea to chew on crayons, but both teens and adults would never have that thought, because they’ve been taught from a young age that crayons aren’t food. The maturity date of a spot foreign exchange transaction is two business days, with the exception of U.S. dollar versus Canadian dollar transactions, which settle on the next business day. The maturity date on a foreign exchange forward or swap is the date on which the final exchange of currencies takes place. At the maturity of a fixed-income investment such as a bond, the borrower is required to repay the full amount of the outstanding principal plus any applicable interest to the lender.

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Various theorists have provided frameworks for recognizing the indicators of https://day-trading.info/. Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development describe progression into adult maturity, with each maturational stage characterized by a certain kind of psychosocial conflict. The “Identity” stage is characterized as being mainly concerned with issues of role exploration and role confusion, and also the exploration of sexual and other identities.

Keeping in mind that no two people are the same, everyone has a preference. Furthermore, coping with negativity means dealing with one’s negative ideas. It also implies that one uses terrible events as life stepping stones to teach them lessons and move them to a higher level of knowledge. Also, accepting that part of life is not always easy, and you may receive unfavorable comments. However, life is short to hold grudges and obsess about minor matters. Being able to forgive implies that one does not quickly get upset.

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With digital transformation evolving into the digital imperative, marketers face a sink-or-swim situation. Those that choose to ignore the importance of digital to their businesses and customers simply cannot contend with more digitally mature competitors. And this isn’t a challenge that is poised to disappear. A stage in the development of streams or landscapes at which maximum development has been reached or at which the process of erosion is going on with maximum vigor. Maturity of a landscape continues throughout the period of maximum topographic differentiation or until about three fourths of the original mass is carried away by erosion.

  • My wife gets lost going into and out of a gas station, because she does not conceptualize where she is relative to the entrances and exits – does this make her less mature than me?
  • The pretension of maturity is immature, e.g. young girls trying to appear older by doing “grown-up” things.
  • Any study of sex differences in personality shows that.
  • Does this sense of maturity have much to do with enjoying immature humor?
  • A bigger sense of perspective, keeping in mind that billions of people went through everything imaginable before you were even born, and will again in the future after you are gone.

Originally, the term “inflation” was used to describe an increase in the… My wife gets lost going into and out of a gas station, because she does not conceptualize where she is relative to the entrances and exits – does this make her less mature than me? I realize that in 10 billion years or so the Universe will either implode into a super black hole or suffer from entropic heat death – does this make me the most mature person on this blog? I think an odd thought–elderly people might have a shorter time horizon because they’re going to die soon, so they act in ways that to others might seem childish, because their actions don’t look far into the future.

https://forexhistory.info/ also means not blame others for their faults. Instead, one should honestly accept responsibility for their acts. Find courage and accept mistakes as a part of the learning process and a natural aspect of life. Therefore, they do not consider corrections to be an attack or an insult. As a result, despite their age, they acknowledge their faults, understanding that anybody may be misled and make mistakes. That’s why, at Breakthrough Management, we’ve evolved the definition of “maturity”, with the goal of increasing clarity and using this clarity to improve awareness, understanding, management, and growth of the self.

A Spark of recognition: Databricks’ Dael Williamson on wet work, finops, data maturity – The Stack

A Spark of recognition: Databricks’ Dael Williamson on wet work, finops, data maturity.

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There are a large number of irrational seniors and 50 something who I can not identify or take sides with and I can guaruntee there are a bunch you know too. The internal maturation process starts with the experience of admitting neediness and surrendering that neediness to God, and others. From everything I have witnessed, the internal maturation process starts with the experience of admitting neediness and surrendering that neediness to God, and others who have what we need internally. Neoteny or Juvenilization – the study in developmental biology of species that never completely reach maturity.

Over time, maturity is cultivated, since maturity is required if we are to progress in experiencing and promoting wellness. Prom is celebrated throughout many countries of the world following or prior to final coursework for the year or after graduation. Various parties, ceremonies, or gatherings are held, ranging in their focus on academics, bonding, or as a farewell. In some Western European countries a post-degree party consists of burning notebooks and final projects. In certain countries, such as Colombia and the United States, the prom has come to take on a dual role of celebrating both academic achievement as well as sexual maturity. A. You can tell that strawberries have reached maturity when they’re bright red with green leaves.

More https://forexanalytics.info/ saw and remember Tina Fey’s SNL skits on Sarah Palin than saw and remember the actual interviews and speeches. Women are less mature than men from ~20 to old age, at which point they appear equally mature. I agree with your reservation about culture affecting the relative maturity levels of men and women. In many Latin American countries, women are more mature than men at all ages.

If I don’t like what or how I am feeling about life, circumstances, and people around me, it is I who has to work towards change. Stagnant thoughts and feelings obstruct the path of emotional maturity. It is impossible to be self-reliant and joyous without growing up emotionally. Many people in my practice have a difficult time trusting the world because they were raised by immature people. Their parents need not have been malicious or negligent; perhaps they were simply unable to stay present in a consistent way when they were buffeted by their own emotional life. Perhaps they could be punishing and withdrawn when hurt, or they could bring too much of their own neediness to their child when they were insecure.

Find more terms and definitions using our Dictionary Search. With this information, we can gain greater clarity on some of the ways that “maturity” is used as a qualifier . This enhanced definition allows us to be more precise when we use the word in the workplace. A borrower can usually pay off a loan prior to the maturity date without a penalty and save on interest payments by doing so. If an individual invests in a security with a maturity date and removes the principal prior to that date, a penalty may apply. If someone purchased $5,000 worth of furniture on credit at 4% interest and the loan had to be repaid in three years, the maturity value would be $5,600.

Bonds are divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term investments, based on the length of the maturity period. Bonds that mature in one to three years are considered short-term investments, while long-term bonds mature in 10+ years. Like most interesting words, “maturity” is hard to define.

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Even though you are not in the business of IT, there is a direct correlation between IT maturity and cost, efficiency and scalability. Lower maturity IT is the most expensive, least efficient and will not scale up to accommodate company growth. In contrast, higher maturity IT drives down the cost per service request, achieves higher efficiency and predictably scales along with company growth. IT service best practice measurables include aspects of running an IT service delivery team.

Typically a maturity model has ten rows or less, with the first row defining entry level and the last row defining fully-developed best practice. I think you’re wrong about women being more mature at all ages. While this certainly seems true until ~20 years of age, maturity levels of men surpass women at this age, at least for my generation. Broadly, maturity is the ability to respond to a situation in an age-appropriate manner. Children, as you can imagine, are not inherently mature.

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