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Gunbot uses the trend module of stepgridhybrid and accommodates it on user set timeframes. Spotgrid essentially wants to be in a position at all times, averaging down when prices fall and profiting when prices exceed break-even. Because there are only a few configurable options, it’s ideal for people who don’t want to manage their Gunbot strategies all that much. This strategy is based on the SMA indicator, which indicates to the Gunbot when the price is moving up, when the fast SMA crosses over the slow SMA.

According to our gunbot emotionless strategy review, the platform is better suited for sophisticated investors with a deep understanding of technical analysis and basic coding. This is a downside for beginners that may prefer simpler trading bots. Nevertheless, Gunbot makes up for this with a backtesting account that beginner traders can leverage for a more practical approach before deploying the bot with real funds.

How Does Gunbot Work?

All recent trades and secure crypto wallet balances are displayed on the dashboard. It is simple to optimize your custom strategies using this commerce visualization and generate profits. You can manually place orders through the Gunbot interface if you don’t want to wait for the bot to do so. There is no need for a subscription for their automated trading systems. For Gunbot Lifetime updates and licenses, all the novice users need to pay a one time license fee.

Moreover, there is even a crypto simulator account with virtual funds. TradeSanta is a cloud cryptocurrency trading software that lets you take advantage of crypto market fluctuations. Connect TradeSanta to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job. For a prospective crypto trader choosing the exchange to trade on is always a step into the void with a giant leap of faith.

Unlimited Trading Pairs

Based on the selected strategy, Kelp places orders on Stellar’s marketplace. Configuration files contain details about the Stellar account as well as the strategy. To fetch prices and orderbooks from a wider range of exchanges, you can use the CCXT library via CCXT REST API wrapper. Our simple and easy-to-use bot for crypto trading will make it much more enjoyable. You can have multiple bots ready to trade for you using either our proven strategies or your own strategy in minutes.


Trality is the platform for anyone to create and invest through automated trading bots. While professional traders successfully use automated trading, over 80% of private traders lose money due to emotional bias and lack of automation. That’s why we build the first marketplace for trading bots that is available for traders of all levels of experience. With just a few taps from their mobile app, we enable followers to easily invest in bots created on the platform. Trality is a platform for anybody who wants to profit from algorithmic trading without giving up the day job. Coinmatics, a fintech company that provides a service to copy deals for cryptocurrency traders, is called Fintech Company Coinmatics.

Just like your Buy settings, you may configure its parameters as to how you want the execution of your sell orders for this specific strategy. This is where you set your primary trigger to your buy orders. Configure the parameters as to how you want the execution of your buy orders will be in your emotionless strategy. This sets the candlestick period used for trading, this affects all indicators within the strategy. Sell settings are the primary trigger for sell orders. These parameters control the execution of sell orders when using emotionless as sell method.

  • EazyBot is easy to use, pre-programmed and has proven trading strategies.
  • And your account is also secured with email verification, Google Authenticator verification, a personal passcode, and the withdra ✔ FEE Only 0.05% trading fee on Pionex.
  • Altrady is an ultimate trading platform for cryptocurrencies.
  • It is normally advised to select pairs whose price fluctuations regularly range by 2% or more.
  • When set to 1, Gunbot will only place a buy order when the strategy buy criteria meet and price is at least 1% below the last sell price.

DCA assist to optimized your risk-return ratio, buy favorable cryptocurrency periodically in comfort way. KYC is a necessary procedure for following regulatory and legal enforcement, it enhances the security and sustainability of the platform. Check our tutorials first, then trade cryptocurrency on the most novel exchange BNB you ever met. BOXTradEx mainly focus on developing automated trading strategy tools to investors, also a great place to trade and store crypto assets.

Gunbot Overview

The instrument allows experienced traders to increase their income through trade operations while novice traders can make a profit with minimal knowledge and skills. Our advanced copy trading platform allows you to execute profitable strategies and achieve successful crypto trading results on autopilot. You can choose from a variety of unique strategies submitted carefully by crypto traders with proven track records. You have the unique opportunity to make capital gains XRP while also enjoying regular investments and cryptocurrencies.


TradeSanta, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading software, allows you to take advantage of the crypto market fluctuations. TradeSanta can be connected to your exchange so you can trade 24/7 without having to make it a full-time job. A prospective crypto trader must choose the right exchange to trade on. Although decentralized exchanges , are closer to the core idea of cryptocurrency — eliminating one point of failure, centralized exchanges still dominate the cryptomarket.

Balance Settings

Gunbot will sell when it’s the other way around, when the slow SMA crosses under the fast SMA. A range of desired minimum and maximum profit has to be set in the Gunbot so that it can sell in this range. This simple strategy buys at support and sells at resistance.

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The add-on can also be utilized in mixed mode, which involves running https://www.beaxy.com/View alerts in addition to a Gunbot strategy. The overall number of active trading-pair services that can be added in this crypto trading software installation is unlimited. HedgewithCrypto aims to publish information that is factual, accurate and up to date. The information about a specific cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform in reviews and guides may differ from the actual provider’s website.

It enhances gunbot emotionless strategy and sustainability of the platform. First, check out our tutorials and then trade cryptocurrency on one of the most innovative exchanges you have ever seen. BOXTradEx is primarily focused on providing automated trading strategies tools to investors.

Connect Trailingcrypto with your preferred signal providers and trade automatically even while you sleep. Use email from any alert service provider based on technical indicator, price change or volume change notifications, AI screener bots, etc. Expert team of traders and analyst publish platform tutorials and newer strategies to maximize your profit in bull and bear all the markets. Although crypto trading is easy, the features of cryptocurrency exchanges are limited. To execute your trading strategies, it takes a lot of time. We have created an all-in one platform that makes it easy to trade.

In general, Gunbot can be used with any combination that exchanges offer. Once accustomed to the platform, we found that configuring bots and entering orders was seamless on the Gunbot trading terminal. All of these can be tweaked and configured by the end user into a custom strategy. Run the Gunbot trading core to get your trading done, then start relaxing while the bot handles the trading. Telegram notifications are available for the trades that Gunbot made. You can concentrate your time improving your general approach to boost your trading profits rather than manually setting orders.


We want you to be focused on your users and local fiat access in order to make the most of cryptocurrency trading. Smart Crypto Bot is an advanced automated crypto trading bot. When it comes to crypto trading automated and emotionless trading is very important. With the smart crypto bot, you can setup your preferences and let the bot do the work. We have thought long and carefully about the way we implement strategies, risk management and portfolio management.

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